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Before long, it was October 31st and the Holloween parties were beckoning. I decided to dress up as a lacrosse equivalent of Jason. A cheap and intimidating constume which definetely scored points with the ladies:


And one of many reasons you shouldn't fuck with me. November 5th is known to most people as election day, but better yet, its my birthday. John decided to be a poser and celebrate his with me, which I suppose made for a better party. We obtained the $120 worth of alcohol and set up a quadraphonic sound system with all my sonic resources. Result:


This does not include the 5 cases of beer in the fridge, of course. Alex quickly devised a method of keeping track of how many drinks the birthday boy(s) have had:


Being an engineer, Alex did not think of the marker's future ability to be 'washed off' and the following remains on our wall even to this day:


Some of the extremely few people to show up that wouldn't leave include Dan and Ariel:


Their expressions can be explained simply by saying the camera wasn't the only thing flashing them. wink wink. Dan recently decided to cut his hair, I think to throw me off. I say we beat him; with squirrels. The couch was taken over early on in the party by several people whose behavior is so foul I will decline to mention them here:


I put the camera away before taking car bombs to get the party moving, so you'll have to use your imagination for what happened later that evening. It did NOT involve child labor, I can assure you. At this point, our time in classes was getting short and it was about time for me to get started on my Applied Linear Models final project. I decided to do a regression on data I collected from to determine what attributes of a person male or female determine their score, and how. The results are pretty awesome. For males, the rating was equal to approximately -2.41 + .475 (only if blonde) - .0235*Age + .157*Height(inches). This is interesting because both weight and the amount of skin showing in the picture dropped from the model. For females rating was determined by -.32 + .328 (skin showing in picture from 0 to 10) +.218*Height - .0541*Weight(pounds). Hair color and age dropped out for females. This is likely due to the fact that hotornot lets you browse by age. I of course put myself up as a test subject. My model failed horribly in my case. It predicted a rating of 8.9 where I'm actually a...

It turns out I got deleted for not checking it, but I relisted myself for your pleasure:
 Colin on Hotornot
It might take a few days for my rating to show up.

The remaining 3 weeks of the school year were strenuous for us all. I met someone who had an immediate and drastic impact on my life. I've never sat with someone at 4am and listened to Pink Floyd's Echoes with a final the next day before. But, before this becomes more like a diary... I'll let you know that as of yet, nothing has really happened there. Just before leaving for Winter Break, I decided to implant some ink on my body in a painful process known as tattooing:


If you do not think it is the coolest mutherfuckin tattoo ever, then you are probably a terrorist... again.

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