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 I left UVA for Winter break excited to see my friends, but not too excited to go back to rochester. The reason is somewhat obvious:


This is a relatively typical night in Rochester. I know it's hard to make out what's going on, that's kind of the point. I took this from my window when it was impossible to see the street lights or street with all of the snow. It wont melt off until late April/early May, so I've learned to get used to it. In order to enjoy ourselves despite these freakish weather conditions, my friends and I would do things like getting groceries:


Just after the last picture was taken, my ride crashed into the left wall. We were then yelled at by Wegman's employees; you'd think they'd have a sense of humor, jeez. Just a glimpse of what my house looks like back home:


That's actually my older brother sitting at the dinner table. We're complete opposites in pretty much every way, but he's still my bro, so I got his back. Before long, christmas crept on us, and along with it, the 4 hour christmas tree trek which always ends up with you getting the relatively nice one you saw about 10 minutes in. Not one's to go against traditions, we quickly strangled it in lights and burdened it with a million tiny trinkets of sorts:


Since this is absolutely nothing new to you selfish assholes, I'll move on. I had a wonderful christmas, my parents really went all out this year. I really dont deserve anything ever but they always make me feel cared for. I worked out like an animal over break but sadly bruised a ligament in my knee just when I was getting in the dunkable hops region.

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