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With the conclusion of my second year, I found myself in significant financial straits due to increased tuition, lowered need-based financial assistance, increased spending, and my father's loss of his job. To remedy this situation, I decided to expand my landscaping operation significantly. For additional help, I employed Jon Stover and Ronen Mukamel right off the start and within a couple of weeks, enlisted Joe Halpern and Nate Bank. The harsh winter caused a significant increase in demand that was quickly reflected in an over 200% increase in responses from our flyers compared with previous years. Personally I think it was the addition of the 'will also perform deviant sexual acts for food' advertisement. I was too busy to well document the jobs we did, but I managed to take a few shots at one of the larger and more stressful jobs we worked:

Nate is on the left and Stover is on the right. This was after Ronen and Joe finished working about halfway through the summer (since demand decreases later in the season). Neither Andrey nor John Sireci worked with me this summer, and the anal was greatly missed. However, the new guys caught on quickly and helped with the work from behind. I dont have any good pictures of Ronen, but here's a motivational poster featuring him and John Sireci:

This picture makes the best background ever. The summer greatly lacked in fun. With the exception of a hot 17 y/o bikini clad girl who offered her "assistance" while I was working, there was nothing to do. There were a few good basketball games Stover and I found in the city, but other than that, having fun required large amounts of creativity. One night, we went over to our highschool, where there's a traffic light for a crosswalk that students commonly use but is not at an intersection. We hid and hit the button when cars came by, then told them that it was ok for them to go through the light. When/if they did, I jumped out and took a picture with my digital camera of them running the red light. The reactions we got were hilarious. Some people got held up more than once and became really agitated. Others yelled or threatened us and the like. We ended up stopping some friends who parked and joined us for a while. The pictures did not come out well thanks to my camera being shizzity, but here's a sample shot:

Sadly my dog got cancer about halfway through the summer, and at only 2, it was pretty tragic. However, they caught it at stage 2 and excised the tumors. Hopefully she'll continue to stay healthy. Towards the end of the summer, Stover and I took a trip to Ithaca to go gorge jumping. Check out all the cool pictures!

The first picture is some random dude we saw on the way to Ithaca, he's obviously far cooler than you. Jon Stover thought the second picture was ironic. He's a fucking idiot. The bridge Jon's jumping off in pic #3 is about 45 feet off the water, which looks like 50 when you're standing on it. Scary enough to make any mortal think twice before jumping. The next pic is of Jon from the highest jumping spot, approximately 65 feet off the water. The long shot on the right was taken by jon from the spot below and that's me falling to certain death. I had to jump three times to get a good picture (my ears hurt terribly all day) but it was worth it! Below are pictures of the falls we needed to climb to exit the water, a bovine temple, and what it was like to look down from the high ledge.

I made a good amount of money during the summer and decided to buy a car. I eventually decided that due to the amazingly low resale values, a used Ford ZX2 would be a good investment. I found what appeared to be a tremendous deal on ebay and purchased one for $4000. It was located in North Carolina so I set up the payment and flew down to pick it up. The journey back North fucking sucked since I basically had no idea how to drive stick when I got the car. Stalling in rush hour is terribly frustrating but I eventually got the hang of it. I stopped in Fredericksburg and Washington to hang out with friends on my way north. With the exception of a speeding ticket, it all worked out. Here's a few pics:

The first picture is of Peter Strand's house in Fredericksburg. Although a friend and lifting partner, I failed to get a picture of him at the time but for all his lady fans, I promise nudes in a couple weeks. The other two are my ZX2. At the end of the summer I basically burned out completely and finished my landscaping work before coming back to school.

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